.POST domain registration

Register your own domain names under .POST.

Registration process overview

Registering your .POST domain is a three-step process:

  1. Application - Apply for your Community ID.
  2. Authentication - Verification process and issuing of your Community ID.
  3. Registration - Register your domain name providing all the requested information.

Step 1 - Apply for your Community ID

Please go to apply.info.post and apply for your Community ID by clicking "Create Community ID".

Step 2 - Authentication: are you eligible?

The UPU verifies that you are a member of the .POST sponsored community and issues your Community ID, which you should then use to request registration and manage your .POST domain names.

Step 3 - Register your domain name

For each domain name, you need to provide:

  • Legal information: justify intellectual property rights (IPR) to the name, such as the trademark.
    IPR evidence-based: prove IPR over the string to be registered, and provide us with the necessary legal supporting documents as mentioned in paragraph 3.3.1. of the .POST Domain Management Policy
  • Technical information, including DNSSEC key signature.
    DNSSEC capabilities: confirm DNSSEC capability and provide the necessary technical details.
    If your hosting provider cannot provide DNSSEC capabilities, the UPU's International Bureau can provide a service to sign the domain name for you
  • Agreement: agree to terms and conditions with the .POST Domain Management Policy (DMP)

The UPU verifies the information and, if everything is in order, registers your domain name immediately. For support during this process, please contact us.